Monday, November 29, 2010

I Love Max

Max Brenner opened in Brisbane in October 2010. It's on Stanley Street, South Bank tucked on a side alley, a few steps across from Ginga Japanese restaurant.
You can't miss his sexy bald doodled head, and that chocolate-colored awning beckoning from afar.

Max Brenner is your non-schizoid Willy Wonka. Passionate nevertheless...

The sign inside reads, "I invite you to watch, smell, taste and feel my love story." Makes me want to throw a tantrum like Veruca Salt, stomp my feet and grab it all.

We Brisbanites have to queue for everything. We've queued for San Churro, we've queued for Max Brenner. And after the first Australian Zara fashion store opens in Sydney, mid next year, thirty-five years since the world's first Zara store opened in Spain, we Brisbanites will still be queuing for our own Zara.

The queue.
I told you there was a queue...

I waited a good twenty minutes in that queue while my boyfriend, Shane went hunting for a free table. Both the outside and inside tables were packed. We were lucky to find a seat inside, across a zany splash of colourful Max art.

Good things come to those who wait.

I had Max's signature chocolate souffle with sides of whipped cream and strawberries.
Shane had a sensible hot milk chocolate in a thick Max Brenner mug.
I knew he'd regret not having dessert! Soon enough we were both tucking into the melting white and dark chocolate center of my dense souffle.

I love Max.

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