Sunday, May 5, 2013

Buddha's Birthday Giveaway and Kindle Special

17 May 2013 is officially Buddha's birthday this year, and all over the world, people have joined into the celebrations.

Did you know that the city of Brisbane, in Australia is home to the largest annual Buddhist Birth Day Festival in the world? For three days and nights, Brisbane's South Bank Park lands light up with traditional red lanterns to celebrate the Buddha Birth Day Festival. Admission is free and there is much to keep everyone in the family interested with birthday ceremonies, cultural dances, music and feasting.

It turns out that humble Brisbane is also the birthplace of the historical novel, The Ming Storytellers. Set in China, the novel was extensively researched and written over a period of five years...all from Brisbane!

As part of the Buddha birthday month celebrations, a lucky person will have the chance to win a FREE Paperback copy of The Ming Storytellers.

To be in the random draw, all you need to do is leave a comment on this post or on the The Ming Storytellers Facebook page.

Don't enjoy reading Paperbacks? No stress!

Buddha's happy energy is fostering much generosity this month.

The Amazon Kindle version of The Ming Storytellers, originally priced at $5.99 USD is now priced at only 0.99 USD for a limited time only. This massive discount is also available on all Amazon KDP territories  where The Ming Storytellers is sold, including Germany, France, Spain, Brasil, Italy, Japan and India.

Much peace.

A tale of mystery and intrigue, The Ming Storytellers tells the fated story of Min Li, a willful imperial concubine and the illustrious Admiral Zheng He. The novel is set in China, during the Early Ming Dynasty a time of expansion and drama both at the Beijing court and at sea. Reviewers at Historical Novel Review have written an excellent review of the novel, here
Further information about The Ming Storytellers is available from the author interview at Unusual Historicals.