Teranga Interviews

This blog honors Teranga - the Senegalese tradition of generous hospitality.

It hopes to celebrate and feature artists and writers from diverse walks of life whose works and professional ethics help to promote diversity and solidarity.

Writers on the Couch 

Are you a published author or screenwriter who believes in Teranga? Then grab a cocktail, wine glass or whichever drink strikes your fancy and get comfy on the Teranga couch. Readers would love to hear from you. 

You will be asked to respond to ten questions, nothing tricky - seven of these will be chosen from a list of standard questions; the other three will be custom questions of your own choice.

From humorous to dramatic, you set the tone. Let your personality shine. :) 

All standard questions are listed below:

1. If you could rewrite the ending of any book of film, which would it be and how?

2. Your sin

3. What have been your struggles as a writer?

4. A Hollywood studio is all over one of your books. Which is it and tell me about the director and/or cast.

5. Your favorite non-writing day?

6. One of your favorite countries to visit?

7. A strong childhood memory

8. Your advice to new writers

9. Your memorial. What is it, where is it located, and what is it you are remembered for?

10. How do you deal with dark/emotional scenes in your writing?

11. Recurring themes in your writing

12. A favorite director and why

13. A writer who has moved you

14. Competition in the writing industry? Is it real?

15. Self-published vs traditional. What was your experience?

16. Who is your classic writer soulmate?  (Nothing later than 1970).

17. Best travel scene or landscape you have seen described in a novel.

18. You just won the lottery and have to take two people with you on a trip. Where do you go and who do you take.

19. What type of writer are you?

20. Who should play you in your biopic film?

21. Who is your favorite literary villain and why?

22. Tell us what excited you in your latest travel holiday.

23. What is your favorite fairy tale and (optional) how would you retell it?

24. In your past life you were...

25. Which historical period holds your fancy for male/female (choose one or both) clothing?


Coming soon.

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