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THE MING STORYTELLERS - historical novel set in Ming China.

The Ming Storytellers is a historical novel set in the Early Ming Dynasty, at a time when China was in its Golden Age. It is a saga featuring a fictional concubine (Min Li) and the reknown navigator, Admiral Zheng He. The story which blends mystery, magic realism, intrigue and romance unravels in the Forbidden City, in the modern day village of Lijiang and beyond in Zanzibar. The Ming Storytellers draws on four years of research on Early Ming history with special attention to the lives of imperial concubines, eunuchs, the Zhu imperial family, the Ming secret police, international relations and world exploration in the 15th century. The narrative incorporates elements of speculative history but belongs to the newly coined Ming Gothic genre.

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THE MASCHERARI -  historical mystery set in 15th Century Venice

The Mascherari is a historical mystery with supernatural themes, set in late medieval Venice. The first in a trilogy, it unfolds in a period when Venice was a naval power in the Mediterranean and traded heavily with Constantinople and with the East. In this dark and often macabre tale, a Florentine inquisitor, Antonio da Parma is engaged to the service of one of the earliest secret government organisations in the Western world, the Council of Ten. While attempting to solve a murder, Antonio da Parma meets Esteban del Valle, a mysterious Nubian swordmaster, and unravels the secrets of a family that will take him to ends he never thought possible. A tale of witchcraft, intrigue, mystery and suspense, The Mascherari remains grounded in fascinating and little-known historical research.

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JULIEN'S TERROR -  psychothriller set in post-revolutionary France.

Julien's Terror is a psychothriller set during and after the French revolution. A happily married couple are torn apart by the tragedies of their horrifying past. Julien d'Aureville, born and raised in the Parisian working-class suburb of Saint-Antoine has made a new life for himself as a respectable bourgeois engineer. Haunted by nightmares, he visits fortuneteller Marie Anne Lenormand to soothe his ills. As a child, Marguerite Lafolye escaped Nantes where France's cruellest revolutionary murdered her parents. Her obsession with France's late Dauphin and in the Temple, that tragic templar prison where the little boy perished will see more than memories surface...
Julien's Terror is a complex story of childhood trauma set against the vivid backdrop of revolutionary and Napoleonic France. With touches of the supernatural and a nod to Breton folklore, it explores the effects of the French Revolution on the Vendée and beyond, deep within the fragile psyche of the human spirit.

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